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Rich People Who Were Buried With Their Wealth (Photos)

You can buy mansions with money, but you can't be buried with your money. The habit of placing things in the coffin of a loved one started many years back, as individuals frequently want to share what they love with others when they go to their last resting place. 

In Ancient Egypt, people were buried with artifacts such as weapons or jewelry used during their lifetimes.

There are some people who wish to be buried with their money, expensive cars or whatever they value for a variety of reasons known to them. Some people may not want to leave their wealth and money to their children or family, so they may wish to be buried with their money and property when they die.

They will put it in their 'will' that they should be buried with their wealth. You may have heard of a man who was buried with two million dollars and another who was buried with over 500,000 dollars in jewels.

Here are some photographs of wealthy people who were buried with their expensive Mercedes-Benz, money, and automobiles. If you happen to be their son & daughter, will you bury them with their wealth, leaving you with nothing? If your parents ask you to build an underground house and bury them with the money they made when alive, will you do that?

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