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Causes of body odour and how you can effectively prevent it.

Practising personal hygiene is a way to keep the body clean and healthy always. You will always be at peace with yourself if you're in a clean environment.

There are people whose bodies give offensive odour due to various reasons. This subject is not always approached openly due to the displeasure you may incur from people.

For example, you can't walk to someone and tell him or her that his or her body is having an awful odour. Even in a polite way, you will still incur the displeasure of the listener.

What then is body odour? How is it caused? Body odour simply refers to the unpleasant smell that comes from the human body. Sometimes, you will find it difficult to breathe when someone approaches you! But to prevent any awkward reaction from passersby, you will have to tolerate the odour to some extent.

Body odour is caused by excessive sweating. Sweat itself does not smell. There are some bacteria in the body that act on the sweat to make it smell.

Irregular bathing is the biggest cause of body odour. There are people who doesn't like bathing. I don't know why they are so carefree about their hygiene. They will roam in the hot sun for the whole day only to retire to bed without the slightest thought of bathing.

Some people too, think they're already smelling good after using deodorants so no need to bath. If you're the type who entertain such a lame thought, your body will always smell.

Wearing of dirty clothes is another cause. Don't be addicted to filth! When your clothes are dirty, wash them.

Always take your bath twice daily. It doesn't pay when you're unclean. You may even drive people away from yourself. Nobody likes any awful odour. Wash your clothes regularly.

Use antiperspirant deodorants to reduce the sweat. Relying heavily on these chemical products just to entice the opposite sex isn't good for you.

Some people cannot sustain a healthy relationship with the opposite sex just because of body odour. Unfortunately, many people feel reluctant to tell their partners to take proper care of their bodies. They just quit the relationship on mere grounds.

If you don't want that to happen, kindly take care of your body. You may not even be aware of the problem. It is only good to be hygienic always. Wearing one pant for weeks isn't a good practice either. There are some ladies or guys who can wear the same pants for weeks without washing them.

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