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Does Nana Adwoa know what she really wants or she was just faking it on stage: Date Rush

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Many ladies or guys do not really know what their partners want and this makes them frustrated in the long run. One lady has been trending in the news for many reasons and this lady is the "curvaceous Date rush Nana Adwoa'. Some are suggesting that Nana Adwoa is a married lady and there should be no justifiable reason for which she should have been on Date Rush to look for love. Well, there have been alleged wedding or engagement pictures of Nana Adwoa and a handsome upcoming musician, and these pictures have created a series of confusion in the minds of viewers. Why should viewers be too bothered about whether Nana Adwoa is married or divorced or if she came on stage to get fame? One thing that many Ghanaians did not analyze was how she carried herself on the stage and how she answered her questions. This is far more important to me because, by their words, we shall know them. In fact, young men should avoid getting attracted to ladies only by their physique or appearance. In this article, I would like to analyze various comments of Nana Adwoa whilst she was on the Date Rush Stage. I believe this would provide some advice to our singles who do not know what a relationship entails.

Nana Adwoa on Date Rush

source: rush/UGC

Well, Nana Adjoa introduced herself as an owner of a gym and a pub and she wants a date on the show. The guys on stage should have asked themselves why a young lady wanted to entice them with what she owns. In fact, does it even matter if Nana Adwoa has a doctorate degree, and owned all the pubs or gyms in Kumasi?

Well, I believe young men who are focused on their careers would not be attracted to ladies who tend to brag to get men. In fact, an intelligent lady should know that she does not need to tell a man what she owns in order to attract such a man. It was just terrible, boring, and quite sad to watch Nana Adwoa brag on National Television, and in fact, some of us could no longer appreciate her dance moves due to what she said.

Aside from that, Nana Adwoa seemed not to be herself whilst on the stage, and the cameras exposed her when she was trying to choose between Theophilus and Raymond. In fact, all through the time that Nana Adwoa was on stage, her body language and gestures made it easy to predict that she would go in for the Date Rush contestant who said that he has never dated a lady. Many did not observe how Nana Adwoa clearly did not that give the usual warm hug to Raymond after she got him .In fact, we will watch the progress of their relationship this coming Sunday on TV3 Date Rush show.

The lady probably wanted a "naïve' guy for reasons known to her. My advice to any serious guy is that always look beyond a lady's qualifications or what she owns. The question should rather be whether she can be a peaceful, caring, and virtuous woman. Whether or not Nana Adwoa knows what she really wants on or off the stage is a question that she alone can tell.

Whether or not she was just faking it on the stage also lies within her abode. However, any who ends up deceived by a lady on the Date Rush stage or any other place should have himself to blame. This is because a guy should have some defined traits or attributes that he expects from his date. It should be very difficult for a serious guy to accept a lady if she does not fit the desired range of virtues and that should be the way to go.

Happily, these days, most serious men have gone past looking for just 'independent women' or highly educated women. Due to this, we see many of our beautiful female celebrities lingering about looking for men. Until these beautiful ladies know what these serious men want, they would remain singles for a long time. No wonder, a politician and musician by the name of 'A-plus', has recently advised single ladies to learn to be respectful and submissive if they want to get married.

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