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Norwich verse Liverpool Prediction Coming Up Today

This is essentially a match-up between the best and worst of the Premier League. Liverpool are contenders to lift the title at the end of the season, while Norwich are expected to get booted to the Championship.

Likely, expect a victory for the Reds this Tuesday.

They are back to their best after the return of some key players from injury, and seem determined to go after another PL title. So far they have been done justice to this objective as well.

Currently they are placed second in the table, and are one of the only three teams yet to lose a match-up.

They have also scored the most number of goals barring Manchester United, and have conceded the least as well. In fact, they have let in a single goal – despite the season having completed five match-days.

In the meantime, Norwich are placed dead last in the table, and have a 100% losing record so far.

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