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Meet Boa Sr, The Last Member Of The Bo Tribe Whose Death Led To The Extinction Of The Tribe

When Boa Sr, the last remaining member of the Bo tribe on the Andaman Islands, died last in 2010, she took with her an ancient language.

Photo credit: CNN

 The 85-year-old woman was the oldest of all the Great Andamanese people, who now number 52. But she was the only one left who spoke Bo, which had been around for 65,000 years. 

Boa Sr reportedly spent her last years feeling isolated since the death of her husband, the only other person she could converse with in her native language.

Photo credit: BBC

For a minority tribe, extinction rises dramatically if there is a greater number of people who do not speak the language than there are people who do.

As a wake-up call, it's important that everyone learns their native languages in order to maintain their cultural identity and heritage. Parents should do everything they can to help their children learn the language of their tribe. If you don't speak your local language and teach your children your language don't be surprised if your language gets extinct

Source: CNN, BBC News

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