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Proudly Made In Nigeria"- 8- Seater Bike Spotted In Nigeria Causes Commotion On Twitter

At first, i thought to myself, " This is

creative, Kudos to the guys" but I don' t

think it' s safe, the normal bike that carries

two people sometimes find it hard to

control, not to talk of 8- seater. Is this a

bike or just 1001 ways to die. Yes I agree

this is a show of talent but why do some

people uses their talent to create death

trap for people?

Pictures of a strange bike was reportedly

seen in Lagos Nigeria. Instablog9ja made

the post showing extremely long Okada

which is designed to contain at least 6

persons at once. According to the look of

things, the mechanics must have defiled

the original nature of the bike, added more

seats and design it to look more


In the picture, I noticed a thing that

suggest the works behind this magnificent

bike is not completed is that the front tire

of the bike has lessen, that' s because

many people were sitting on it.

This isn' t right, it doesn' t look safe

because the okoda rider won' t be

comfortable riding the motorcycle and the

seaters are congested. Driving such a

motorcycle on major roads is highly risky.

The rider would be unable to control the

neck of the motorcycle due to the uneven

distribution of weight which would cause

great deficiency in balance.

I totally agree that " if we fear not to fall,

we will never stand on our feet to walk.

Positive inventions should be welcomed

and not denigrated. People who

condemned it ought to have commended

the brain behind that invention before

bringing out its anomalies. There is nothing

wrong with the bike, but what will happen

to eight persons who comes from the

same family if this bike mistakenly crash

with heavy duty trailer?

The pictures stirs Twitter with many people

dropping comments and reacting to the


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