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Lionel Messi best goal ever.

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer who is regarded as one of the best players in world history ,he has scored many goals and today I will review the best goal he has ever scored.

He was the first player in history to win three European Golden Shoes, as well as the only player in history to win five (5) FIFA Ballons d'Or, so picking the very best goal will be a bit difficult. But one of Messi's greatest goal, was in Barcelona history in 2007, according to club fans, and a little research.

The push began when Xavi passed to Messi on the right, about halfway down the field.

Messi was quickly closed down by two players, but his lightning quick feet allowed him to easily pass Paredes and Nacho.

Messi proceeded to cut inside Alexis and then straightened back up onto goal past Belenguer after covering 60 metres and only touching the ball 13 times.

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