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Know When A Cough Becomes A Cause For Concern And When To Seek Medical Care

Some coughing are really nothing serious, it can be on purpose or just a spontaneous reaction in a protective reflex action. The aim is to both protect the airways from material that shouldn’t be there (like dust) or to clear the secretions that come with respiratory diseases, such as the mucus and phlegm that come with colds and flu.

Any cough that lasts three weeks in babies and four weeks in adults should be treated as abnormal and medical treatment should be considered immediately to avoid complications.

Sometimes when a patient visits a hospital with severe case of coughing, some X-ray are done to determine the actual cause. Most times it turn out to be pneumonia, tuberculosis or other underlying sicknesses. And in this pandemic, it could be Covid-19 depending on the symptoms.

I will take us through some signs and symptoms to look out for, this symptoms when associated with coughing tells you it's time to seek medical care:

*When coughing is accompanied by a chest pain.

*Shortness of breath or wheezing when coughing.

*Coughing up blood or bloody phlegm.

*Coughing up yellow mucus or phlegm.

*If your coughing comes with extremely high fever.

*Night sweat with coughing fits in between.

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