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Kwaku Annan exposes CSOs: reveals their activities to foreigners and sources of funding

The multi-million question that still remains unanswered and a mystery to the African is whether the Continent is free from colonization. The African countries sing and chant songs of freedom, but what freedom do we claim to have gained? Is it the one on paper, or that which is practically felt? As written and analysed by several writers and researchers, the neo-colonialism, as it is referred to, is the indirect means of making the African a slave without the physical trade in human beings.

In the words of Kwaku Annan on The Seat Show on Net 2 TV on Wednesday night 25th August 2021, the European is no longer physically buying humans as slaves but funding the activities of the Civil Society Organizations to get them to collect data and gather information from African so they can constantly monitor the continent and destabilize good political systems. "They are not living here with us but the CSOs are working for the slave masters. They sit in UK, France, Germany, and other places, pump huge amounts to the CSOs to collect information for them so they know everything that is happening here in Africa", Kwaku Annan alleged. He further claimed that the case of $5m bribery allegations against the Chief Justice is one fueled by the CSOs only destabilize the current good governance just serve their slave masters. He has advised Ghanaians to be vigilant about those groups and see the good works being done by the president.

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