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'The children are ok but the driver is still in coma' - Family saved after a deadly crash at Onwe

At Forty-Two minutes past Seven this morning, the national ambulance service at Ejisu Municipal received clearance from the South Suntreso Regional Hospital in Kumasi to transport Serwaa Vida, a forty-five-year-old woman who is battling to stay alive for her family and children, to the hospital for emergency surgery. Serwaa, the driver and owner of AS-6963-20; an SUV, was driving from Onwe to Ejisu with her children when she got crushed by an articulator long vehicle at Onwe curve.

The curve that leads to and exists from the Onwe township, was not too wide to contain the long vehicle truck as it tried manoeuvring the road on Saturday afternoon. Serwaa, the driver with his fifteen-year-old son at the front, were hit the most after the long vehicle truck driver lost its trailer and somersaulted on Serwaa and her children. Serwaa collapsed on the spot of the accident while her three children; one male and two female survived with mild injuries.

It took the Ghana Fire Service personnel of the Ejisu Municipal over three hours before they were able to rescue Serwaa from the driver's seat, while her children were several hours at the Ejisu Government hospital receiving treatment. She would have been able to revive herself if not for the long hours it took the rescue team to rescue her from the car, Dr Adiza Mohammed, the receiving doctor at Ejisu said before signing for referral this morning.

Serwaa's three children are all doing well and responding to treatment as Dr Adiza claimed in the morning. The children are ok but the driver is still in a coma and plans are on the way to transport her to the regional hospital for emergency surgery, the doctor added. Serwaa will undergo three to five hours of surgery later tonight at the South Suntreso Regional Hospital in Kumasi to remove several blood cloths from her brains and ribs before she can respond to treatment medically.

The long hours it took her to be rescued from the accident has caused several blood clots within her ribs and brains, partially blocking the passage of air and blood to her heart and brains, her X-rays explained. Serwaa's husband, Amoako Tekyi was more grateful when he found out his wife and children had survived the accident. Mr Amoako was not worried over the damage to his car but seemed happy with the news of his family instead.

She will be fine, we hope her surgery goes as successful as we anticipate, Dr Adiza calmed the man down with words of encouragement before the ambulance carrying Serwaa left Ejisu Government Hospital this morning.

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