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The “MP” Who Quit His Job As A Parliamentarian To Care For 36 Disabled Children

In Kenya is a man who quit his job as a parliamentarian only for the sake of raising the vulnerable. He was one of the most respected politicians in the country but has to resign so as to support this disabled children. He is called Bishop Robert Mutemi Mutua and was affiliated to the Wiper Democratic Movement – Kenya (WDM-K). He was a Member of Parliament from 2013 to 2017 in Kenya.

Robert quit his job so as to be with these kids. He was happy with politics but one day he realized that it was not enough as he was not fulfilling his mission on this planet. He had a feeling deep inside him that he was not doing the right thing. To him it was so challenging because he needed to think about it, because this was a big project and at the end of the day, he will need money to feed his family as well.

He had a government aided loan to buy a car for himself at the time but still decided to quit because that was not what he actually wanted. His family and friends opposed his decision. They said he was doing the wrong thing and he will surely regret it one day. Many people discouraged him from the start but he still went ahead to do what he wanted.

The man was keen on helping people who were so unfortunate, the love he had for the vulnerable was greater. He knew there will be a lot of challenges but he was ready to face them. He even had an NGO he started himself in 1998, which did a lot to help them even though it was not enough to him, it was his source of funding.

He kept having this vision until he was elected to represent the disabled in his community in an election. This gave him an opportunity to fulfill the dream of his life. He built a community center to start this project and surprisingly he started with only 3 disabled children. At the time he was still an MP, so his salary helped finance this project as well. He visited the place once in a week for the start.

The project grew and he was able to recruits physiotherapist, occupational therapists, and matrons. He said he was to address 3 main issues and these were diet, medical care and equipment for the disabled because they face a lot of difficulties with their disabilities. Hence he decided to build the disability center and called it “One stop disability service center”.

He said he is passionate about this and in other to perfect his passion, he had to quit his job and stop working in the parliament and then be with these disabled children every day of the week from Sunday to Monday.

He said they provide wheel chairs to the disabled, offer physiotherapist services, occupational therapist services and give education as well. He now has 36 disabled children at his center and he is proud of what he does now.

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