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Things Women Can Do Better Than Men

Women are one of the most adorable creatures God has made. They are unique and special and must be handled with respect. Both genders have something they are better at than the other.

Let's take a look at some of the things the female gender is better at doing

1. Females are better than males in mathematics and science; in as much as there are more male enrollment in the sciences than females, the latter seem to outperform the former. Females are usually overall best students in engineering, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

2. Women perform better at job interviews than men; according to a research conducted by the University of Western Ontario, women prepare better for job interviews by researching about the company and having interview rehearsals with pals prior to the main interview, hence they do better.

3. Girls are more economical to raise in the long run than boys; a study by Time Money indicates that 41%of male seek financial support from their parents as against 31% by women.

4. Women are better managers than men; women turn to play maternal roles as bosses to her surbodinates. They can easily read the body language, gestures and emotions of their surbodinates. Women are also known to be rational thinkers and coordinators.

5. They are better at investment than men; male traders usually take higher risks which is more probable to give a negative return. Females on the other hand, are calmer in making decisions, hence make healthier business decisions, more often than not.

6. They are more likely to survive a car accident than men; due to higher reckless driving of men than woman, men are 77% more likely to die in a car crash ( Carnegie Mellon University).

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