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Another Sakawa Ring Theft; Teenager At Pantang, Almost Losing Index Finger After Stealing From Seller

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Many in their quest to find out why they are not progressing in life resort to fetish priests, mallams, or traditional healers for answers and solution. They prescribe spiritual rings for their clients. Many Traditional or Spiritual healers use Magic rings for various purposes either to cast a powerful love spell, revenge on someone, to curse, make someone fall for you, bring back Lost Lover, among other needs.

The also use this magic rings to bring back a lost husband or boyfriend. Remove Bad evil from homes, business and customer attraction. Other needs to get Promotion you have desired for a long time at work or in your career. They claim these magic rings contain the charm to end all if these problems.

As reported a few weeks ago that a spiritual ring cut through the finger of a Young guy at Kasoa, another similar incident has happened at Pantang. As made known, a ring reportedly stolen by a young teenager is cutting through his index finger in what is believed to be a spiritual attack. The embattled teenager by name Seth Omari Boateng, informed Adom news that a ring he stole some weeks back is haunting him spiritually and physically.

He narrated how the whole incident transpired when he had been sent on an errand to purchase a chain but managed to steal one of the rings which he sighted and concealed it in a cloth simply because he didn't have money to purchase it. All of this occurred without the knowledge of the seller.

He opined that the ring has not been able to come of his finger as it keeps eating deep into his flesh for over a week. A spiritualist from Benin contacted arrested to the fact that its a spiritual ring or sakawa ring.

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