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Habits of Successful Couples

There's no mystery to being in a close, emotionally connected relationship with your partner. Close and connected couples share some powerful habits of happy relationships. Here are the top 8 habits of successful couples. Want to be in a relationship like this? Try working on developing these habits.

1. Listen to one another 

Don't interrupt, don't over talk and don't interject - these are essential habits of successful couples. They give their full attention to their partner and do their utmost to understand what their partner is thinking and feeling. They listen with intention to understand, not to reply.

2. Encourages one another 

One of the most important habits of successful & happy couples is that they spend time being supportive, encouraging and lifting each other up rather than tearing each other down. They support their partner in making their dreams come true, including career goals, artistic and creative endeavors no matter the situation.

3. They are proud of each others accomplishments 

Couples in healthy relationships use every opportunity to publicly brag on their partner and extoll their virtues and talents wherever they can. They act so proud of their partner you'd almost think they both achieved the goal. Such daily habits of couples help them maintain a healthy relationship.

4. They are willing to compromise 

Happy couples are selfless and willing to compromise on what their partner wants or needs simply because they want their loved one to be happy. The selfless habits of happy couples ensures that they do not have any ulterior motives of personal gain. These couples understand that neither of them can have it all one way (or their way).

5. They are available when needed 

Implore the habits of successful couples by giving no excuses, and always being there for each other. When one needs one another, they will be there even if it means moving mountains to get there.

6. They are positive 

They do not tear each other down, criticize or spread negativity in public or in private. They never resort to insults or name calling. They don’t blame their partner when things go wrong. They look for solutions not blame.

7. They are physically connected

They share touch, hug, hold hands, drape their arms around each other. They are joined at the hip most of the time. That close proximity also extends to a healthy and passionate physical /sexual relationship.

8. They are unified both publicly and privately

There is no distinction between them. They are an “us”, a “we”, and never play one against the other. They never try to pursue their own individual gain and they always make the relationship a priority. Relationships like this are protected.

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