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A Tale Of Two Lovers (Poem)


Keli, One day we will walk hand in hand,

down the aisle of forever

Reminiscing how far we have come,

With smiles beaming on our faces and the gaint Baobab bearing us witness and the naked sun pouring waves of gold upon us.

Under the Baobab shall we exchange the ties that will bind us forever ending with, 'I was always yours to have".

I see the whole village chanting in unison.

I see Mama Owuri and her comrades, moving in sync to the beat of the drums presenting calabashes of jewelries and pots of gold.

My family will unveil the new hut made for us.

The old man who lives down there beside the threshing floor for rice; has promised me his compound for our ceremony. He will be there.

Our ancestors in their regal shall be sitted on unseen stools in our midst.

Papa Ojiri, will pour his blessings with pride.

We will gaze on each other.

I see us - when I look into your eyes, you make me brave; your believing in me makes me believe more in myself.

You are beautiful,

Your smile is the prettiest thing, I have ever captured with my eyes open.

Be my bride, Keli. And let us together walk this path.

Please my love.


Keno, You have always been here holding me up high in the light of love, when I'm with you, I'm at peace.

when I'm with you, I see myself in your eyes - I see us

Your breath stills my fears - all of them

You are my safe place

I will forever be your safe place.

My heart reached for yours when our eyes first met at Fekeli's ceremony - it was love at first sight

I knew I wanted to be with you

Everyday before the sun fades, I give thanks to the Creator for your existence.

And before East will reveal the sun until it be snatched by West,

You shall be my haven in the middle.

I will be your eyes in the dark,

I will be by your side

I will give you your flowers.

So yes, I am your Bride.

I was always yours to have and you were always mine!

Content created and supplied by: Appenkroh (via Opera News )


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