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Important Notice: Good News for all students in Tertiary Institutions, Universities

The first phase of the implementation process. The purpose is to ensure that the instructional program designed to meet the desired objectives standard and

To ensure success at this stage, it is incumbent on the designer to critically consider all the various elements of the curriculum. According to researchers, Three major types of data can be collected. These are:

Judgemental data: this involves the opinion of those who have used the instructional program, for example, teachers, learners, supervisors, subject organizations, etc

Observational data are data collected in the class interaction, methods of teaching among others.

Student learning data are collected during the various forms of assessment.

The Field Trial is the phase where information about the new program is gathered. Various sampling techniques are used in the collection of data. However, the respondent is usually teachers and students.

The Dissemination stage is also characterized by four components. These are Translocation, and this requires the planning and movement of people and resources.

Communication simply involves the passage of information about the new program from person to person This can be achieved either through visits, media.

Animation is where motivation is provided for implementers of the program who in most situations are disabled.

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