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Joyce Dzidzor Put A Huge Toy In Her "Palace" To Teach Ladies How To Play With Themselves

There is a troubling issue we need to address as a nation and it has to do with the people we call celebrities in this country.

We easily validates anyone that trends or garners a little influence on the social media space and loosely tag them with the celebrity status. We make them feel so much relevance and quickly dump them for the next sensation that emerge.

Their sense of relevance therefore starts to diminish and as a result, some of them go to the very heights of extremism to attract that relevance back to themselves or simply shrink into oblivion. Attention becomes the only drug that can fix their need to feel important but they forget to acknowledge that "do they really deserve to be classified as celebrities"

One of such individuals (Joyce Dzidzor Mensah) has once climbed the ladder of desperation to feel relevant by assembling numerous social media users in her live recording section to teach females how to get off even without their significant others with the aid of a gigantic toy.

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