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Nigerian Actress Regina Daniels Displays Her Newly Drawn Tattoo In Her Current Photos

Nigerian fast-rising actress who has been gracing the screens of many Nollywood movie fans has kept her fans dazzling as she shared new photos and videos that featured her new tattoos.

Fashion and beauty are getting more advanced and interesting as many people have been researching every day to see what could make their beauty come out very well. Makeups, wigs, earrings, tattoos, etc are some things that ladies especially are using apart from the natural beauty endowment to enhance their beauty.

Tattooing being one of the beauty enhancers is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and or pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin.

In a recent post on Instagram by the actress, she posted photos and videos in which she displayed a tattoo she tattooed on her skin. Regina tattooed a butterfly on her back, she tattooed a written on her wrist and other visible parts of her body. In the current photos, Regina Daniels is seen in a black vest-like top which has some white dotted designs in it and black trousers. In a video, she exposed her back to showcase a tattoo with the image of a butterfly. Check out the photos below.

The great actress who has been featured in many Nollywood movies such as Python Girl, The Jericho, Plantain Girl, Jaja the Great, Enemy within, Twins Apart, Tears of Ojiugo, Amara Queen of the jungle, Resident Evil, Wipe your Sorrows, Royal Covenant, Traditional War, Stronger Than the Gods, The King, and The Python, Hanging Coffin has always been confusing her fan with her recent photos.



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