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Should She Marry The Man Who Helped Her?

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These issues are not strange especially in a global village like the world we have now.

A man meets a young lady who is desperately in need of help to go to school and he offers to help her out of love.

Similarly a woman sees a young man in dire need of help to continue his education and she is better placed to help therefore she does with the hope of a better future together with him.

These tie-in with a story of a young lawyer on Facebook who after being helped by his truck driver boyfriend does not want to marry him.

She stated that she wants somebody of her own class. We must praise this young lawyer for standing up and stating exactly how she feels.

It must hurt if one was to be in the shoes of the truck driver but what those who help or the even the helped fail to realise is that, love does not emanate from sympathy.

If it does, it barely last because people's taste and attitude change gradually as they age and also as they get more educated.

You may have a crash on someone when you were very young but now, if you were given the opportunity, you will most likely not want to have anything to do with them.

Basically, you have grown and matured to find your best taste and what seemed so good awhile back does not appeal to you anymore.

Therefore, the truck driver made alot of investment in the young lady with the hope of settling down with her but the young lady has found her niche now.

It was a grave mistake on the part of the truck driver. Settle down with her and invest in her. This is a better option. She is the one you want not the investment.

While at it, upgrade yourself or make your business better.

Even then, there is no certainty that things will work out, therefore do not bank all your hope on her. To be sure, sign a contract with her with detailed asks should she want to move on after her education. I mean send her to the courts and draft a contractual agreement.

In that case, you gain part of your investment back.

The truck driver has looked after the lady for fourteen years and she is now a lawyer. It is only now that she realised that she needs a better man than him.

She indicated on 'tell it all' on Facebook that she wants to move on. Should she marry her helper who is now thirty-one years or she should move on?

Is she ungrateful?

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