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Forget Righteousness. Two Things That Draws The Attention Of GOD To Our Prayers

Prayer is a spiritual communication between GOD and humans. GOD is a spirit who can't be seen or touched. HE created humans who are mostly controlled by the flesh hence can't see nor touch GOD. The only way through which humans can see, feel and acknowledge the presence of GOD is through prayer.

Prayer is a physical procedure yet works through spiritual processes. All the various groups of religion in the world communicate with their supreme being through prayers. Prayer is the commonest yet most powerful daily process done by humans. Prayer is influenced by lot of things but these two things draws GOD's attention and they are more influential even than Righteousness.

Righteousness simply means living without sin either physically and spiritually. Biblically every human being is an already born sinner because we were conceived, born and breed by sinners. Biblically again for all(humans) have sinned and falls short in the glory of GOD. No human can live a day without sin. Even we sin in some activities like eating, walking,talking, etc that we don't even see them to be a sin. The things we thought might be good are sometimes even a sin in the eyes of GOD. So in this article, w are going to learn about the two things that draws GOD's attention to our prayers.

The two most important things are;

1. HUMILITY 2. FAITH. and here are the reasons why;

1. HUMILITY: Humility or humblesness is the quality of being modest and not arrogant. Humility is the only quality of humans that melts the heart of GOD. It makes it difficult for GOD to ignore humans but rather showers HIS blessings and love upon us. Biblically, GOD was so much in love with David, Joseph and even Jesus Christ because of their humble qualities whilst on earth. GOD hates arrogance so HE biblically got issues with Pharoah, Nebucadnezer, Herod etc. Imagine asking something from your dad and you do so with arrogance, will your dad even listen to your plea and fulfill your wish? That's a big NO, just as prayer to GOD. Most people pray with arrogance. They take GOD to be so small in their eyes. The way you take GOD during prayers is the same way GOD takes you in replying. Biblically GOD opposes the arrogant but showers grace to the humble. Since GOD listening to prayers is a part of God's grace, then GOD fulfills the prayer of the humble.

2. FAITH: Having complete trust or confidence in GOD is the most important evidence that you believe in GOD. Biblically blessed are those that haven't seen GOD yet believe in HIM. Some people live a life so pure alright but when in tough times, they doubt GOD so much in their prayers. Some asked questions like "is GOD really existing?". Others too when they are requesting something that had taken some time to happen also asked "can GOD really do this" or " is GOD really powerful" or "is GOD the same GOD of old as in the Bible?". A lot of people doubt GOD heavily during prayers. GOD is a GOD of faith and wants us to believe in HIM even when HE hasn't done it. Biblically, it will be difficult for a doubtful mind to receive GOD's miracle.

Praying to GOD without believing in HIM makes GOD upset. Biblically, Zachariah being a prophet of GOD was made dumb by GOD after he doubted GOD's prophecy concerning a child. One of the thieves which was crucified besides Jesus was saved after accepting that he's a sinner and having faith in Jesus that he should remember him in paradise. prayer without faith won't just make GOD ignore your Prayers but also might receive GOD's upset or wrath in a way we might not even noticed.

The question is "how do you want to get something from a person you believe won't give you and from a person you talk to with arrogance". Even we mostly don't buy anything for our loved ones when they doubt our ability to buy something for them. It makes most people upset to do so when being doubted . How much GOD?? Praying with arrogance and without faith is a huge disrespect to GOD, it renders GOD powerless and praying with no faith makes GOD feel incompetent.

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