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Between Air Condition and Air Conditioner, find out the appropriate thing to say between the two

Most people use both words or phrases to mean same thing. Well it is quite wrong. This cooling machine is mostly appreciated and used by Africans due to the warm weather out here. In today's article, let us find out the meaning of both words and see when to use each.

Air condition or Air conditioning is referring to the ability of the machine to cool the room at a rate of your choice. That's the meaning of the word. So saying Air Conditioning out there must must be used when describing the work of the machine.

Air Conditioner.

This is the real name of the cooling machine. It has a high freezing point which makes room very cold at a degrees of 13°.

It can be seen that is called Air Conditioner and not air condition. One is a noun and the other is a verb.

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