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Man sits on toilet, gets bitten by python

Man sits on toilet, gets bitten by python in Austria

This incident occurred 6am in the morning, an old man visited his toilet and got bitten by a snake who didn't have venom. Police said the snake belonged to a 24 year old man who was a neighbor to the 65 year old man.

The 65 years old man, Walter Earhart reported to the news that he had only gone to his washroom to ease himself.

Unfortunately, he felt a bite and screamed so he checked in the toilet and there was a python in it. 

A neighbor also confirmed he heard a loud scream from Walter’s house and rushed there only to see the snake in the toilet and Walter had rushed out screaming for help.

According to him, 11 snakes were kept in his neighbors apartment and one of them had escaped into his apartment without his notice. 

Authorities described the snake as a 5ft (1.6m) python. Currently the reptile had been cleaned and returned to it's owner but the police promised to sue the young man for allowing his snakes to harm a neighbor

Authorities in Austria advised the public to do a constant check on their properties to avoid such instances from happening again.

Before you use your toilet make sure you flash and constantly disinfect the place to make it safe.

You can also give your opinion on how to avoid snakes in the toilet by leaving a comment

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