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How To Get Out of an Abusive Relationship.

Emotional and physical abuse are frequently used to exert control over another individual. If you're concerned that you and your spouse are going through anything similar, this article can help you get out of a poisonous relationship.

  • Know that you have the right to be safe.You are entitled to be treated with dignity. Because loving someone is not a crime, you should not be treated abusively. The first step is to realize this.


  • Confide in someone you know.    Tell a parent, trusted adult, health provider, or friend what you’re going through so they can help. Many adults know how to help in this situation. An adult might be able to get you to safety faster than a friend can.
  • Get help and support from experts.Going through abuse can leave you feeling confused, scared, or exhausted. Find a therapist to help you get your emotional strength back. They can help you sort through the many emotions you might be dealing with.
  • Get advice from someone at a helpline too.                               Learn more about how to get out of an abuse relationship safely. The helpline advisors also can talk to you about other things that might help you move forward.

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