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The Main Cause Of Road Accidents On Accra- Kumasi High Way

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The increase in road accidents in the country especially this particular year is very worrying. Today let us look at some main causes of road accidents on the major high way or stretch in Ghana which is the Accra to Kumasi high way. This road is used by several road users. The stretch also links to various roads in the country and also to all part of the country. 

Now the major cause of accident on the Accra to Kumasi High way is speeding and careless driving. The speeding on this stretch is too much. Some drivers go at their topmost speed. This speeding can cause a lot of troubles and anything can happen or something can cross the car which can cause an a crash. Some drivers also drive carelessly. Some do overtaking where they should not which causes accident. Most people get scared when they are using that road. Because a driver might be driving very carefully but another driver who has ignored the road rules might cause problems at the road. Please let us follow all the road rules to ensure our safety on the highway.

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