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Lydia Forson: You have to do 'Ashawo' or Fraud to survive in Ghana.

Since the country was affected with the deadly Corona Virus, things has move from bad to worse making standard of living of Ghanaians very bad. It is now very difficult for an ordinary Ghanaian to afford a three square meal a day.

Die to the corona virus, the government announced and leaded to Ghanaians to accept the current situation because things were not going to be easy and also announced of non increase of salaries for workers too.

Actress and advocate for social justice, Lydia Forson has make an account of how Ghanaians of today survive. In her Twitter handle, she stated how the youth are struggle to make ends in Ghana. She indicated that girls have to indulge in Ashawo whilst boys are being compelled to enter into fraud just to make it in life.

She also said the basic things Ghanaians need are now a luxury and scarce for the youth. She took that opportunity to congratulate hustlers who are working hard and earning an honest living.

" Shout out to everyone earning an honest living and still struggling to survive. Chale its not easy I feel you" she tweeted.

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