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KNUST SRC Massive Budget of Almost One Million Ghana Cedis Causes Reaction In Ghana

Studying at the University is no easy feat. Not only are you expected to complete tedious assignments but also pay the huge costs that come with studying at a higher level of education. From the pool of revenue, the University makes sure it allocates it to its various expenses for the semester.

The massive budget of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology however has become the talk of the town due to its magnitude. Per reports, it is alleged that the budget generated by the School Representative Council (SRC) was about 1,117,050 Ghana Cedis, however, it was slashed down to 996,250 Ghana Cedis.

Below is the official budget breakdown of the various cost components of the SRC.

Ghanaians have been surprised by the massive amount budgeted and have thus taken to their various social media handles to react.

One user hilariously even took his time to do the currency conversion to the old denomination formerly used and then to Nigerian currency equivalent which was about 500 trillion Naira.

Another user expressed that this budget is even without factoring in the cost of SRC week due to it being postponed. Implying that if SRC week was accounted for the cost would even be more "Jaw-dropping"

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