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The Position Women Hate During Sex. Don’t Try It.

When you're an adult and it is no longer acceptable to jump around in bouncy castles, exploring new and exciting positions for lovemaking can be very amazing. Sometimes getting the right position for partner during intimacy can really spice up the relationship.

However, irrespective of what you watch in sex clips and movies, not all sex positions are fun. Some require great amount of flexibility, others demand too much energy and then there are those that just don't feel right. In fact, lovemaking is a two-way street and we all do a few things just to please our partner, right? According to research from Women’s Health, there is one particular position during intimacy which ladies completely hate. This position is no other than “69”. This is a position where both couples are in opposite directions.

The research shows that, multitasking while getting intimate can sometimes be a turn-off and the perfect example is the 69 position. Receiving pleasure and concentrating on giving it at the same time actually spirals down the fun of entire experience. Plus, women love to make eye contact while being pleasured and ergo, it is much better to take turns to do it rather than trying this position. 

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