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Akuapem Poloo Jailed for 3 Months, Read more.

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Finally Akuapem Poloo has been sentenced three Months "90 days" for posting nude pictures with her seven years old boy on social media.

On Wednesday April 14, Akuapem Poloo in the Accra Circuit Court please guilty for all the three charges leveled against her. She was convicted and remanded in police custody to run a pregnancy test at any of the government hospitals.

Friday April 16, she appeared in Court for her sentencing and was slapped with 3 months jail terms.

Though, after she was being convicted, there has been a lot of mixed reactions from Ghanaians, some thinks the Court was right, others think the Court was harsh on her because she is a single mother. One must also know that Ghana Judicial service can not change the law because of one person. However, there are other single mothers in prison.

The 3 months is normal, it could even be because of how Ghanaians please for mercy on her in behalf.

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