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The Bridegroom Kissed The Wrong Woman At His Own Wedding

The bridegroom thought he kissed the wrong woman at his wedding gentleman at his wedding thought he kissed the wrong woman as he was asked by the MC to touch and identify his wife among the bridesmaids and the guest who came to the wedding with his eyes masked up.

The MC blind fold his two eyes with a mask and then asked him to identify his bride among the people who he will touched or exchanged handshake with them.

he was able to identify his wife among them and was asked to kissed her with the eyes still covered with the mask.

Following the kisses, the MC then exchanges his wife with a bridesmaid just to see his reactions when his masked is being removed.

After his mask was taken off, he shouted heh! Showing his frustrations that he has kissed the wrong person in front of his wife but the MC told him; “You kissed you wife”.

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