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How stress affects teenagers

Hello and welcome to another article? Have you clicked on the follow button yet? Kindly do so. In this article, we will have a look at how stress can affect teenagers. 

What at all is stress? Stress can be defined as the “change in the body that causes physical, psychological or emotional strain” says very well mind. Chelsea Erieau once said that “stress acts as an accelerator. It will push you either forward or backward, but you choose which direction”. As a teenager, when stress gets involved with your life, it affects the decision you make. says these conditions can be as a result of stress to teenagers. There were a lot but a few are; “peer pressure, friendship, illnesses and grades in school”. Though some teenagers may not be bothered by the grades they attain from school, some are, and this really bothers them a lot. One way or another, we’ve all been in such a situation before; whereby the grades you had doesn’t match the effort you put in the work. Yeah sometimes it depends on how the student answered the questions and other times, it is due to other reasons.

The teen face brings about numerous of emotional problems and can have a negative impact on them, if not handled well. Stress results to depression and in severe cases, suicidal thoughts. When stress eats deep within an adolescent, they turn to alcohol and smoking, leading them to start life on a wrong path.  

Stress can be solved by relaxing and thinking through, about the consequences of the actions you are about to make, and how it may affect your future positively or negatively. When you notice that an adolescent is stressed out, instead of questioning them, rather understand them and talk to them, as calm as possible. 

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