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Top Five(5) Government Businesses that still work on Public Hoildays

There are several businesses in the country which are solely owned or partly owned by the government of Ghana. There businesses generate income for the development of the country and also to promote industrialization in the country. 

In today's article, let us look at five key government businesses that still work on Public Holidays no matter what.

#1. Ghana Oil(GOIL)

There are over 100 GOIL fuel filling stations in Ghana. Each station is a government owned business which work all day throughout the whole week. They work on holidays and there is no day this business will be not in service unless otherwise there is the need to do so.

#2. Ghana Toll Booth

This is one of the huge money generating business in the country. It seeks to take road tax from drivers who ply on major highways. There are however 38 toll booths in the country and they work on Holidays.

#3. Government Hospitals and Clinics.

There are a lot of hospitals and clinics out there who never close down no matter the period. Government owned hospitals remain open throughout public holidays.

#4. Ghana Airways

People travel to other countries each and everyday. Planes and airport must always be available at anytime for Ghanaians to benefit from their services. Therefore Ghana airways never go on break.

#5. Metro Mass Transit ltd

Just the Ghana Airways, the Metro Mass Transit ltd is also a public owned company. This huge company do not break for holidays. They work throughout the week all day rendering services to Ghanaians.

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