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Manasseh Azure, Raises Serious Doubts Over Police Work On Kaaka and The Enquiry Committee's Stand

We all know that, Macho Kaaka was gruesomely murdered in his own house and following from that, two others were then murdered by the military reinforcement group, as they joined other hundreds of protestors, demanding justice for their slain comrade and youth leader.

Whereas a three-member committee have already started their sitting, as tasked by the President to investigate the happenings n the day when the two were killed, interestingly, the Committee of Enquiry, have burdened itself with categorically stating that, Kaaka was not part of the #FixTheCountry demonstration and have since, been directing their attack on the media, for advancing this assertion.

Beyond this, the narrative well known have all been turned on its head, as his brother is now blamed for the death of Kaaka and also, the military blames the death of the two, rather on the shooting, allegedly from the protestors, as their narrative that, the protestors were throwing stones, have now been changed to include the fact that, there were some with loaded guns as well.

Whereas many are critical of these new and seeming false narratives, that they want to push down the throat of Ghanaians, renowned award winning journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has added his influential voice to the matter and conclusively asserts that, Kaaka and the slain people, may never get justice after all.

In his Facebook post today, Manasseh Azure Awuni writes among other things that:

"On Wednesday, July 6, 2021, at 6:48 a.m., I called a very senior police officer at the Ashanti Regional Police Headquarters who is involved in the management of Kaaka's murder case. Kaaka was the #FixTheCountry activist who was killed in Ejura after he received threats that his activities of exposing deficiencies in the area were making the government unpopular.

The police issued a statement that Kaaka was killed by his brother, but something about the facts doesn't make sense, so I thought calling for an explanation could help.

For now, there are no further comments. All we are invited to do is to accept the police's narrative, which sets the agenda for government communicators and the governing party's social media activists. The danger here is that the frantic efforts to distance Kaaka's death from his activism may allow the government and the police to intentionally or unintentionally make the real killers of Kaaka walk free," Manasseh wrote.

"To compound this further, the police here have not been able to work against the interest of any political party that is in power. And the committee's apparent blame of the journalists, instead of the soldiers who shot and killed the demonstrators, will not do us any good going forward," he added.

Manasseh raises serious doubts indeed about the whole machinery, legally mandated to investigate the matter, which has gained national attention and rightly so, he advances these rightful questions on the Police's own conduct and the positioning of the committee of Enquiry.

For instance, on the position of the Committee of Enquiry, they came under serious backlash, this week from the foremost media organization, Joy News TV, a subsidiary of the Multimedia Group, who through their journalist, Erasmus Asare, where the main media house, who broke the news of the military reinforcement and their subsequent gruesome murder of the two. In fact, currently, among the many wounded was a 16year old, who was buying food nearby and was also shot in the legs, he has since had both of his legs, amputated.

During an editorial on PM Express on Tuesday night as seen here at, Evans Mensah, could not fathom how the state of the activist’s affinity, to the said movement, culminated into the murder of the duo as seen on the day, and believes that, this seeming overemphasis on the ethical nature of the journalist’s reportage, which saw to the procurement only set of widely circulated footages, sways away from the mandate of the committee’s work.

According to him, the committee’s mandate was cut out, to establish the events on the day as directed by President Akufo-Addo. For this reason, the dwelling on Kaaka’s death, which ensued days prior to the disturbance could not have had a direct impact on the magnitude of chaos, that was being covered live by Erastus’s and the JoyNews team.

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