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The reasons why Nigeria is doing well in the movie industry than Ghana.

Entertainment is the way of providing amusement and enjoyment. Many people feel relaxed when they are entertained. Nigerians are much more endowed when it comes to movie acting. We can also say they born actors and actresses. In fact there are several reasons why Nollywood as an industry when it comes to movies are far ahead of Ghana. Some of the reasons includes;

i).fluency in the English language as a results of the "croele" that they speak as a tongue

ii).the dominant nature of the English language in all their movies

iii).the reachness of the local language which is the "Yuroba" as compared to the Ghanaian "Twi"

iv). having the best of role players in all the departments

v).the use of reach proverbs where it's needed in the movie. Especially, when the setting and the story is about ancestral and historical issues.

Unlike Ghanaian actors and actresses,they are always one way in all their movies. You can only see one person playing a role of an old person,a child and romance in a about ten movies. This becomes so much like annoying and boring. It's about time Ghanaian movie industry stand up and correct those mistakes and make the industry to attract international interest. Nigerians are highly creative in acting and also in comedy.

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