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The Battle Never Was The Lord's, It Was Corruption- Ghanaians To Franklin Cudjoe

The president of policy think tank group IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe has stated that the prices of goods and services in the country are rising too much and told the government of Ghana that they should do a great cuts for 2022 budget and added that, this battle can't be the lord's. NPP is known for using the battle is the lord's slogan for campaigns so Franklin Cudjoe definitely know that his message would be attended to if he add such statement.

But to a surprise, Ghanaians replied him that his post is great but what he mean about the battle is the lord's is not true for it is rather Corruptions.

"Prices are just skyrocketing. The 2022 budget must make great cuts. This battle can't be the Lord's" Franklin Cudjoe stated on his social media today to inform the NPP government led by president Nana Akufo-Addo ahead of 2022 budget to be read soon this month.

"The battle never was the Lord’s, it was CORRUPTION’S!" Some one boldly told Franklin Cudjoe.

Some people told him that "It’s absurd Chairman, as for the “great cuts” I beg forget it".

According to some people, maybe a cut in salaries of the executives, judiciary and legislature. A cut in travels by the president in addition to per "diems" paid him can be cut but the great cuts on 2022 budget will be difficult.

"28+ years of reading budgets, I see it as constitutional requirement and academic exercise with no impact on our lives. If for a year district assembly common funds have not been released, I will only wish you well if you have expectations on the yet to be read budget" another Ghanaian stated.

Some people questioned that how can the 2022 budget have great cuts when they have a deficit of GHc9.8 billion in the 2021 budget? "Sir lets embrace ourselves for more taxes because 2022 too budget is coming with more deficit" another Ghanaian told Franklin Cudjoe.

"You know at this stage the fundamentals in deciding the taxes needed are out of our hands, because we have debt obligations that is now literally enslaving us" another Ghanaian stated to indicate that there's no way government will cut down taxes to help them.

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