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There is more to be told about the story than what's trending now- Leticia's intimate friend cried.

The entire country is in a level of unconformity after the incident of the beautiful JHS final year student from Sunyani hit the country. People give up the ghost everyday but death is something that hurts but cannot be taken away from the world.

Although, there are circumstances where the death of some people are suprising and shocks a whole lot of people but human being can't do anything about it.The Young JHS final year student by name Leticia has lost her life through suicide as the eyewitnesses say.

A conversation with an intimate friend of Leticia reveals that, there was more to be told about the story than what's trending now.

Leticia was a very brilliant and cheerful student and this is the reason many people doubt the suicide incident.

Interaction with another girl who is a colleague and a friend in the school disclosed that, she was with her performing their chores some few hours before the death case. One thing she didn't take note of was the time Leticia left their group because they always walk in groups.

In the course of the interaction she also revealed that she was not the first person to see the body of the deceased girl but another different girl of theirs. The girl girl being frustrated and worried said: I saw her sleeping there and I was afraid to even talk because I have never seen this in my life before. I called our teacher immediately- the Young girl explained.

Investigations are taking place as reported that the death of this young girl wasn't by suicide but another person killed the girl and made it like suicide. May she rest in perfect peace.

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