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Joyce Mensah's Decision to Publicly Take HIV Test is Act of Courage not Embarrassment

Earlier today, June 2, Ex - HIV ambassador stunned the nation with her decision to undertake HIV test on live television. Prior to the test, Joyce Dzidor Mensah had lived in self denial as she has constantly postulated that she feigned a positive status to enable her enjoy the sumptuous perks that come with the position as an ambassador for the deadly virus. For this reason, Joyce had hoped for a negative results but her sample unfortunately returned positive, an outcome now viewed by many as an embarrassment.

Regardless of the outcome, her decision to undertake the test at the full glare of the cameras should be viewed as an act of courage for which she must be commended rather being subjected to bouts of ridicule. Let us not also forget that Joyce is a mother and the denial of her status as a carrier was due to the stigma suffered by her children in school. The good news is that her children, never mind if all of them did not undergo the test, are not carriers and that should be enough for the rest of us to treat them with dignity and the respect they deserve as citizens of this country.

She must be praised for walking the path only heroes/heroines will have the courage to walk. Her action has now brought certainty to a matter we have all dangerously dangled with for the past few years. Joyce will definitely be more careful and the world now more than ever will relate to her better. Joyce has seen it all and i want to urge that the Ghana Aids Commission take immediate steps to mend their broken relationship with the mother of three and get her back as an ambassador. Yes, she can be controversial sometimes but her experiences will prove valuable in our quest banish the virus from our shores.

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