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Pregnancy period

Details On How Precum Can Lead To Unwanted Pregnancy.

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Details On How Precum Can Lead To Pregnancy.

There is a good chance that you are reading this because you are not sure of what pre-ejaculate or precum fluid is, and if it can cause pregnancy. If you regularly use withdrawal as a contraception method, precum is definitely something you should know more about, especially if you are not planning a pregnancy.

Precum is a fluid that is released from the manhood when a man is aroused. It serves as a natural lubricant to the urethra to prepare it for an easy passage of sperm during an intercourse.

As many might not be aware, precum may contain some amount of sperm which however can be transported into the 'Vayjay' which may cause pregnancy.

The explanation is that; precum itself do not contain sperm, but due to an earlier ejaculation either from sex or masturbation, may leave behind some left over sperm in the urethra. This left over sperm can only be flushed out by peeing or precum. If it happens that you do not pee before engaging yourself in an intercourse, the precum itself will carry the left over sperm into the 'vayjay' before the real ejaculation comes.

This is why the withdrawal method do not work well at preventing pregnancy like the other birth controls. Even if the man pulls out right before he ejaculates, precum is still likely to enter the woman's 'vayjay' that can lead to unintended or unwanted pregnancy.

The chance of becoming pregnant from precum may be small, but it can still happen.

So if you are here to find out whether precum is capable of causing pregnancy, the answer is Yes, it is capable.

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