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Checkout Why This Photo Is Causing Confusion Online And See If You Can Understand It

Nowadays, social media has become like a therapy center or a place where people ease off from the stress around us. Some call it their happy place, a place they can be free and express themselves in all ramifications.

People come up with different things to create entertainment and fun for themselves. Some put out puzzles, it can be mathematical, pictures and many more.

A very confusing picture was posted recently on Twitter. A lot of people found it very hard to decipher. Some gave up trying saying they don't want stress. Take a look at the picture below:

People in the comment section were really confused. I was too because I got headaches trying to look at the picture until I saw these two comments below:

"The girl is putting on a lemon top and the guy a lemon trouser the girl is backing the guy"


"The girl is the one wearing the green top and ash trouble... She is carrying the guy on her back. Look closely"

Now go back and look again, meanwhile, Checkout some funny comments from people:

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