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Ghanaians Reacts After Kennedy Agyapong Drops Fresh Allegations Against Joy FM

Ghanaians are amazed after seeing Hon Kennedy Agyapong dropping another bombshell in the country about Joy FM which is one of the most famous media house in the country.

After Hon Kennedy Agyapong alleging that the media house is sabotaging the NPP government, Ghanaians are surprised and said that Hon Kennedy Agyapong is informing them that NPP government has a lot of media houses on their payroll.

Ghanaians are believing that Hon Kennedy Agyapong is trying to shut the media house down for knowing how strong and credible Joy FM is and have noticed that they're not into support of what the government is doing. Some people questioned Hon Kennedy Agyapong that is he trying to say that if Joy FM reports about hardship in the country and make Ghanaians voice heard, is that too a sabotaging?

Ghanaians are unhappy with the allegations made by Kennedy Agyapong and register their displeasure against NPP government for secretly paying a lot of media houses in the country to report only what favors the government as Kennedy Agyapong alleges.

Some people stated that: So you see, the NPP government has a whole lot of the media houses on their payroll. Well God save Ama Ghana 🇬🇭.

Some people jabbed Hon Kennedy Agyapong by saying: Because they refused to dance to your tune of music, you now think you can tarnish their image abi? Go and burn the sea. Your government have also benefited from that station then in opposition. So why worry now? Think about how to restructure your party that is sinking and loosing its popularity each and every day with numerous corruptions. You people dream seeing Ghana belonging to you right? You go bleed pass, nothing you fit do.

"Nonsense! Absolute hogwash. So if Joy FM report that Ghana is hard, is that sabotaging? Is Ghana not hard? Is this NPP government not the most corrupt in the history of this country? Do we need Joy FM to tell us that we're suffering? In as much as I feel Ghana media, most of them are compromised including joy, this guy is lying and it won't be the first. He is just trying to put the idea in people's head that Joy FM are sabotaging this government so whatever they publish or any investigations they do must be disregarded. Nobody should fall for this mook" someone jabbed and advised Ghanaians about Kennedy Agyapong's tricks.

Someone questioned that: What is wrong with this guy? Is it now that he realised that the media is currupt? But who corrupted the media? Has he forgotten the dirty works they paid them to do in the last election? this guy I wonder.

"Nonsense! You politrickcians have politicised all the radio stations in the country and causing them to lie to the nation. Now you’re telling us this nonsense, what do you want us to do?" Another Ghanaian jabbed Kennedy Agyapong.

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