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Video: “Even Your Kings Haven't Seen This Car Before"; Twene Jonas Jabs As He Displays His New Car

Twene Jonas is grinding away again as he tosses punches at individuals who hate him for his truth insults. Doing that, he flaunted his car and said, even the king's of his hatters have never seen that kind of car before.

In this video, he was walking around in the city, recording displaying live on Facebook when it started to rain he immediately race to the opposite side where he packed his car.

Around the car, he started to gloat and disclosed to Ghanaians that, they generally say he is a hungry man on street searching for coins to purchase food. In any case, he is making it clear to everyone that he is extremely rich and has had the option to purchase a car that even the kings have never seen before.

“To the individuals who hate the truth. You know your leaders are not doing the right thing. So permit me to affront them OK? ". He stated.

“Indeed, even your kings have never seen this car before”. “However, I am utilizing it actually like that". He brags.

Below is the video where he showed the new car he has purchased.

Content created and supplied by: OwusuVeronica (via Opera News )


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