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Money Does Not Bring Happiness.

Many people think that happiness requires money. Money helps, but it is not a prerequisite for happiness. 

What they do not understand is that it works better the other way around: happiness brings more money.

Some people's belief is that money can buy happiness and that you cannot be happy without money.

Happiness is a chemical reaction in the body. We can build up our happiness by doing things that stimulate our ‘happy’ chemicals.

Luckily, we do not need money for all our happiness. For example, I got a little happiness sign and I love taking photos of it. The camera is digital and the photos are free. But it makes me happy anyways without money.

Smiling can instantly boost your energy and make you happy without money. If you do not have a reason to smile, do it anyway. Stand in front of the mirror with a pencil between your teeth.

Also, having close relationships help us overcome lots of difficulties. It gives us a sense of belonging and connection.

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