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Police give Ghanaians safety precautions to take as motorbike robberies grow rampant

There has been an increase in day light robbery attacks using motorcycles especially in the Greater Accra Region which has become worrying.

A good number of these attacks have been recorded in the last few weeks with the most recent attack being at Weija on occupants of a white Mercedes Benz on Friday, September 24, 2021.

Although, motorcycles, popularly known as the "okada", being used as a means of transportation is illegal in the country, the practice has become popular due to its convenience and affordability.

Meanwhile in a new development, armed robbers have resorted to the use of these motorbikes for their nefarious activities.

There have been daylight robberies recorded by the police at a Forex Bureau at Osu, Afrikiko traffic light and Pigfarm traffic light all on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. There was also the Jamestown attack on the bullion van where two occupants including a police officer was sbot dead. There have bedn similar attacks at Apenkwa, Kwashieman, Tema motorway with the latest at Sampah Valley near Weija.

Due to these worrying incidents, the Ghana Police Service has come out with some actions to keep citizens safe.

According to the police, the security and safety in all communities and the country in general is a shared responsibility. The citizens have a role to play which includes being vigilant, encouraging crime reporting if seen or they suspect an individual.

They also adviced that regular meetings be held among home owners and residential associations to look at how to put their houses in order, discussing community safety, personal safety, children's safety. And also how to liase with police to be able to upgrade the services in their communities.

These actions when taken would help prevent and drastically reduce the occurence of these day light robbery attacks.

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