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Agro-based industries set up by Osagyeo Dr. Nkrumah and thier towns

The backbone of Ghana is agriculture and but most often we don't have industries for the product from the farm to turn it semi-finish or finish goods. This makes Dr. Kwame Nkrumah set up an industry to accommodate the product from the farm and save it from rotten.

Here are a few industries established by him and the towns it can be found;

Beef processing --------------- Bolgatanga

Tomato processing ---------- Wenchi

Glassing making -------------- Aboso

Veneer and plywood -------- Kumasi

All these industries set up were influenced by the availability of the raw materials in the town, the existence of electricity power in the town because these industries contain and use machines which are powered by electricity. Also, the transportation system influences the establishment of these industries in a certain area because our markets are scattered and it takes good transport to link them to the factories.

These and many more influenced Osagyefo to set up the industry where they can be found today.

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