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Read What Happened to This Girl in Libya, 18 Years After She Was Named As Tripoli - (Satire)

Have you ever thought about the status of your name? Would you say it is good or bad? I didn't know naming a child's name with a name of a city can bring good luck to the child in the future until I heard a story. A story about what happened to a certain girl in Libya, who was named as Tripoli eighteen years ago. Let's see who that girl is, and what happened to her.

The girl whose picture can be seen above is called Tripoli. She was named Tripoli eighteen years ago after she was born. Her mother is a Ghanaian who married a Libyan descent from Tripoli - the capital city of Libya. Because the man was so kind to the mother, after she gave birth to the girl, she named her Tripoli. But five years later, the man left Ghana back to his home country, which is Libya.

On 23 January, 2020, Tripoli left Ghana to search for his father in Libya. When she got to Tripoli, she was nearly killed by mobs because of how wrongly she entered the city. But she was ordered to be taken to a certain palace in Tripoli. When they saw her passport, they saw her name as Tripoli. But because of her name, she suffered no harm in the hands of the mobs. The Libyan royals were so proud for her name. On August, 2020, Tripoli was made a princess in Derna - a port city in eastern Libya.

Although Tripoli is a Ghanaian native but now she is a princess in Libya. Have you seen how her name has favoured her? This is why the Bible says, a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.

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