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6 types of people you should never date to avoid heartbreak

The wrong relationships are the things that make you unhappy. Of course, it's easy to get in touch - charming words, romantic dates, extravagant gifts, and more can all look very attractive.

Of course, everything might look nice and pink at first, but sooner or later the original colors will appear.

When red flags are seen, they are usually ignored as this is a one-time situation. But over time, those red flags usually turn into serious problems wreaking havoc on something that started off perfectly.

No man is perfect. However, ignoring these signs can further damage the relationship and lead to heart attacks and pain in the long run. Male or female, here are six types of people who refrain from leaving the house to avoid heartache and pain.

1. Never date someone who has not healed their past

Connecting with this person can break you because they can be compared to people in the past. This will do more harm than good because they fail to realize that you are not and cannot be that person.

2. Never date someone who is not clear

Whether it's their feelings, emotions, attachments, past, or anything else, a good relationship needs clarity to build a solid foundation. Statements like "go with the flow", not labeling who you are, ignoring questions about your past, etc. Is a danger sign that must be watched.

3. Never date someone who doesn't live up to their own expectations

It's easy to make things sound bright and create a web of dreams and lies. But when it comes time to act, there are only excuses and absolutely no effort.

4. Never date someone who is obsessed with yourself

It's easy to find someone who is obsessed with themselves - they just want to tell you about their problem, and they need someone to listen to. When it comes to listening or helping, they either leave, listen, or don't care.

5. Never date someone who never accepts their mistakes

Guilt, belonging, and appearance are signs of a valuable person. Instead, hand over the baton, apologize for not showing up, not accept guilt, and so on. only that which will come and bite you later.

6. Never date someone who has never been there

They have to wait together for hours to get a text or callback. They are selfish and only connect when they want you or when you miss you. Forget about feeling special and being loved, they don't exist even when you need them the most.

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