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Sometimes these are signs of depression and not laziness.

In these times, it is very common for people to feel unmotivated to do certain activities like studying, working or even stepping out.The various events that have happened during these last two years have been hard on every one and mental health experts agree that there has been an alarming rate of decline in especially the youths mental health.

Depression is a serious mental illness that can be triggered by certain events including what has happened in the recent years.A person going through this situation exhibits certain traits that are very similar to a laziness.Reduced production in dopamine and unwillingness to partake in events that once used to bring happiness.

Other signs include not wanting to be in contact with others, a difficulty in feeling joy among others.This is actually a very serious illness that needs therapy, care and attention to cure.

In all do not treat people according to how they act they could be going through a lot.

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