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‘Doctor just confirmed my daughter did not commit suicide’- Leticia’s mother reveals sadly

The current update about the unfortunate death of 14-year-old Leticia Penaman Kyere, a high school student who had allegedly committed suicide suggests foul play. 

The sister of Leticia in the latest video accused the school Authorities of Miracle Preparatory of killing her sister and claiming she had committed suicide.

Leticia’s mother also confirmed it adding that there was no chair or table to suggest she took her life.

The young girl was found hanging dead in the school’s dining hall after she allegedly killed herself and left a note that reads, “there is so much sorrow and pain in my heart”.

Some of the students who spoke to reporters said their colleague had been moody the whole day but they had no clue what was happening to her.

However, in this new video, a lady purported to be the deceased’s mother is alleging that the deceased might have been murdered and hanged to cover the crime.

The mother of Leticia Kyere Penman, a student of Miracle Junior High School at Sunyani, who has been reported to have committed suicide, has debunked the claims.

According to the woman, the girl did not hang herself to death but was rather hanged after she had died

In the video, She explained that the doctor gave different indications that a person who dies by hanging should have, but Leticia had none.

Watch the video below;

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