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Here are the 10 Egyptian gods the 10 Plaques was Directed at

We learn from the Exodus story of how God brought ten plaques against the land of Egypt, all in an effort to liberate His chosen nation, Israel. But interesting enough, each of the ten different plagues was targeted at a specific Egyptian deity. Let us learn of them below:

1.    The first plaque of bloody waters was directed against Osiris, the god of the Nile.

2.    The second plaque of frogs was against the frog goddess Hekt.

3.    The third plaque of lice was against Seb, the earth god.

4.    The fourth plaque of beetles (or flies) was against Hatkok, the wife of Osiris.

5.    The fifth plaque of cattle disease was against Apis, the sacred bull god.

6.    The sixth plaque of boils was against Typhon.

7.    The seventh plaque of hail and fire was against Shu, the god of the atmosphere.

8.    The eight plaque, locust, was against Serapia, the god who protected Egypt against locust.

9.    The ninth plaque of darkness was against Ra, the sun god.

10. The tenth plaque, the death of the firstborn, was an attack on all gods.

The purpose of the plaques was twofold: first to demonstrate to Israel the strength of their God and second to show the Egyptians the total inability of their gods. We serve a living God who is the Supreme of all that exist. There is no God beside Him and will go at all length to save His own. You can become His own today by giving your life to Him by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord over your life. God bless you!

Prince Eric Opare


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