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Women sleeping with men for money

The unemployed youth of today have been struggling to take care of themselves and it’s lead them to prostitution and arm robbery nowadays. Many women have to sleep with different men for money and it’s a very terrible situation to deal with. 

Armed robbery has risen in the country and many victims are dead in the process of the robbery due to unemployment youth and lack of jobs in the country.

The government has to provide more jobs to employ graduates and undergraduates to able to work after school and so many things that will help the youth of today. 

The government should create more opportunities for the people to acquire knowledge and improve the technology systems in the country.

The government should continue establishing more companies as he’s providing in the regions and districts. One district one factory this is the most solution to the unemployment youth.

Providing more facilities that can help people with no jobs to be able to drive themselves from drugs and prostitution.

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