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Finally GES releases date for students to return to school

Been a while now since some students came home from school. And after all that delay, GES has given a date for the green trackers to return to school. Well not only them though, they also included when to vacate, and when the other tracks will vacate and reopen. Finally students now know when to return to school. But as it is, both green and gold trackers have to take their semester exam right? And for this matter, it seems there's no update on that yet. Well we're still waiting till everything is clear. Read the image below.

So there you have it, and if it's not clear enough, check this instead.

Reopening date for double track schools

SHS 3 Students - Reopening May 5th, 2021

SHS 2 Green - Reopening 1st June 2021

SHS 2 Gold - Vacating 29th May, 2021

SHS 1 Green - Vacating 15th June, 2021

SHS 1 Golden - Vacating 4th May, 2021

SHS 1 Single track - Vacating 15th June, 2021

Single track schools

SHS 3 Students - Reopening 5th May, 2021

SHS 2 Students - Reopening 1st June, 2021

SHS1 Students - Vacating 16th July, 2021

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